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I've worked in the fitness industry for 14 years at a place called T-Tapp. Teresa Tapp, creator of the T-Tapp Workout and author of Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes, created her own unique exercise program. The T-Tapp program is cutting edge, exceptionally effective, rehabilitative and great for all ages and fitness levels.

T-Tapp has positively changed my way of life.  I started using the T-Tapp workout shortly after getting hired.  After all you have to know about the product you're selling and for me it has always been important to believe in and stand behind what you do.  It was a challenge for me to learn the program because I didn't have much experience with fitness programs at the time (and very little muscle tone or strength).  I started with the Total Workout package and haven't looked back since.  Although I was raised to love healthy organic foods, I'm now a fitness lover too!

Overall, I've lost about 2 sizes and been able to maintain my results.  T-Tapp has helped me with rehabilitation for injuries from 3 different car accidents since 2002.  Yes, those injuries threw me off of a regular workout schedule for months on end, but when I was able to start exercising again T-Tapp was my first pick.  This program helps with back, neck and body pain.  It strengthens the body from the inside out, working all of your muscle groups to help you hold better natural chiropractic alignment with improved posture.  T-Tapp also boosts energy, balances out hormones and mood swings, promotes general wellness in the body and so much more.  The best part is that T-Tapp exercise will sculpt any body, no matter what age or fitness level, and inch loss results come very quickly within the first 7 days for most people.

I T-Tapp!

What is T-Tapp? Check out these videos...

Can you see why I love this program so much?  There are even more video clips and printable exercises you can try at

Since this blog is for motivational purposes, you'll see that I like to keep track of my measurements, exercise, supplements, diet, skin care, journal and also take progress pictures.

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