Monday, January 3, 2011

Foodie Blog has Moved!

Bonjour Friends and Followers!

My little blog has been up since 2004. It's time that I moved to a new fresh blog site to continue posting.

My blog can now be found at

Thanks for reading!

Au revoir!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

T-Tapp Christmas Party

You'd think that a fitness company would be a little skimpy when it comes to holiday treats and celebrations centered around food.  NOT at T-Tapp!  We all love food and that's part of the reason why the T-Tapp workout is so fabulous -- you don't have to diet to get results!  Do consistent workouts (or even a few T-Tapp exercises regularly) and you will be able to maintain and possibly even lose inches over the holiday season while enjoying treats and great eats.  YES You Can!  Try it for yourself here:!

This year we did our annual Cookie Exchange and Secret Santa.  Unfortunately, I was really sick and took my first sick days of the year, which meant that I skipped the baking this time around. (Sorry guys!)  Luckily my coworkers are awesome and sent me home with a huge plate of cookies anyway.  Plus, I got to enjoy that yummy cupcake from a friend.

On the Winter Solstice (December 21st) the T-Tapp staff headed over to Cello's Charhouse restaurant in Safety Harbor -- a quaint, colorful eatery right off of Main Street.  They welcomed our party with open arms.  We started off sampling the various wines that Teresa brought over and crunching on char-grilled pita triangles with Parmesan cheese.

And a delicious salad with Goldfish crackers.

Beer Cheese Soup with Popcorn. Sooo good!

I ordered the bacon wrapped filet wrapped in mushroom saunce with perogies and winter squash.

Lauren and I shared a slice of Lemon Butt Cake. They called it that because apparently the cake goes right to your rear.

Thank you for the wonderful meal, Teresa!  It's always a pleasure spending time away from the office with my coworkers.

The moon was ripe and ready for the eclipse.  I wasn't feeling well and went straight to bed, so I missed it. *sad face* But I did snap this picture, which doesn't do the moon any justice.  It truly was looking magical.

Au revoir!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

T-Tapp's Live International Hoe Down Showdown

I was part of T-Tapp's Live International Hoe Down Showdown this past Sunday at the Safety Harbor Resort & Spa in Florida.  During this exercise session we hosted a live broadcast of the video stream so people around the world could participate. SO FUN!
From left to right: Berei, Rhonda, Gretchen, Margit, Michelle, Chloe and Teresa Tapp

I was right in the front row!!  We did 10 consecutive sets of the T-Tapp exercise called Hoe Downs.  Try this fat burning, sugar busting, carb controlling 3-minute exercise right now:

Chloe was adorable! She's 7 years old and can sing beautifully.  We opened and ended the live broadcast with a winter song by Chloe. She gave me goosebumps!

The Spa was decorated for the season with poinsettias, garland and lights everywhere you turn.

And Santa Claus too!

After the event I sat down to brunch with Teresa Tapp and T-Tapp staffers.

And headed home for the afternoon.  I took a long nap and went to bed early.  What a wonderful Sunday!

Au revoir!

Since I've Been Gone

Bonjour! It's been a while.  Life got super busy! And there's a LOT going on in my world.

Since I last posted...

I became Mayor of Ban Thai Restaurant!

I met my new cousin, Cassie!

Enjoyed a chocolate baklava!  And didn't think twice about how much butter or sugar was in it...

Celebrated Thanksgiving Day with good friends!

Cherisse and David... newlyweds!

My plate:

Apple cobbler for dessert:

And then proceeded to pass out in a food comatose on their couch. Good times!

Tended bar at the Writer's Block Party in Ozona where Non-Local Flow (my step-sister's book) was sold.

They put these two paintings together for the first time and discovered they appear to be painted together.

And a whole lot more!  

I have been exercising here and there, body brushing often, going to bed by 10pm and working many overtime hours through the T-Tapp sales.

Au revoir!