Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Since I've Been Gone

Bonjour! It's been a while.  Life got super busy! And there's a LOT going on in my world.

Since I last posted...

I became Mayor of Ban Thai Restaurant!

I met my new cousin, Cassie!

Enjoyed a chocolate baklava!  And didn't think twice about how much butter or sugar was in it...

Celebrated Thanksgiving Day with good friends!

Cherisse and David... newlyweds!

My plate:

Apple cobbler for dessert:

And then proceeded to pass out in a food comatose on their couch. Good times!

Tended bar at the Writer's Block Party in Ozona where Non-Local Flow (my step-sister's book) was sold.

They put these two paintings together for the first time and discovered they appear to be painted together.

And a whole lot more!  

I have been exercising here and there, body brushing often, going to bed by 10pm and working many overtime hours through the T-Tapp sales.

Au revoir!

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