Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Update for this week...

March 16th

Stayed home from work again today. I'm really not feeling well at all.

This morning I made a statement with the insurance company. Have yet to talk to my adjuster though. We've been playing phone tag.

We had to go to the tow yard to sign a release for my car, so Geico can tow it to their facility for inspection. The woman at the front desk recommended that I gather all of my personal belongings from the vehicle before leaving. The Mustang that hit us was parked in front of my car and also has severe damage to the front end. We cleared out all of my stuff, but were unable to open the trunk. It's jammed and needs to be pried open with a crowbar or something. AND she said it's illegal for me to take my radio (even though it completely popped out of the dash), so I'll have to get that later.

After that we drove to the chiropractor. I brought over all of my previous films from MRIs and bone scans for her to review. She evaluated us individually, did ultra sound and laser therapy on the neck and a chiropractic adjustment. It's been a while since I was adjusted and my back and neck cracked into place so loud... I really needed it.

Afterward I was wiped out. We went home for dinner and continued icing and resting.

March 17th

I didn't celebrate this St. Patty's day. Woke up before work to let them know I was not coming in. Felt extremely dizzy most of the day with a migraine headache. My neck and back are painful (occasionally sharp, shooting pains). I took 2 Aleve and went back to sleep from 9am to 11am. Woke up to eat some cereal and ended up working on the computer answering emails from 11:30am-12:30pm. It's funny how an injury like this affects how you do normal things that you take for granted. It took me a bit longer than usual to answer those emails since my pace is slowed. The dizziness clouds my thinking. After that hour of work I went back to sleep until 5:30pm. Then woke up for dinner, took a shower and continued to use the ice on my neck and upper back. Went to bed by 11:00pm, so overall slept the day away. It feels better to sleep (or at least lay down and rest).

Didn't leave the house today. It's probably a good thing since St. Patrick's day is all about drinking for most people.

March 18th

Stayed home again today; partly because I feel horrible and also for all the appointments this afternoon. I slept in until 11am.

We had a 12:30pm appointment with the attorney Carlson & Meissner in Clearwater. My Dad met us there for moral support. I'm hopeful that they will help us through this situation.

Then we went to Rumba's Island Grill with my Dad for lunch. I ate the herb crusted Mahi with lemon caper sauce, mashed sweet potatoes and steamed veggies. It was delicious!

Marcel and I made our way over to Back N Balance for our 4:00pm appointments. I was able to get an amazing therapeutic massage from Deborah. She's a TMJ Massage Specialist and has been doing this practice for 30 years. I really like her and felt SO much better after the massage. My entire body was relaxed and headache gone. I'm looking forward to working more with her.

After the massage I went next door for my chiropractic appointment. Bad news: She reviewed my films and says this accident is the last thing I needed to happen. (Agreed!) She pointed out that I also have some disk problems in the lumbar as well as cervical. My neck alignment is too forward, lumbar to curved forward and scoliosis in the mid back is apparent. She said that I will have to get another MRI and probably a bone scan on my jaw to see the progression. NOT FUN.

Even worse news: She thinks Marcel may also have soft tissue damage in the neck, but will need to do more x-rays for flexion and extension to find out for sure. I will also have to do those x-rays.

We made appointments for the next week:

Friday, March 20th: 11:00am
Monday, March 23rd: 9:30am
Wednesday, March 25th: 5:00pm
Friday, March 27th: 3:30pm

These appointments are going to be 1 hour massage and about 30-45 minutes in the chiropractic office for ultrasound, laser therapy, adjustments and evaluation.

So all in all... we're both down in the dumps physically and mentally right now. I'm trying hard to stay positive, but it's difficult.

I spoke with Teresa today and we're going to try to work out an arrangement for my hours. I am going to try to go in to the office tomorrow to talk with everyone, get some files and work out my hours for the next week.

Geico adjuster did call me with a total loss estimate on my car today. Drum roll please... a whopping $3,226.05. At least it's a decent down payment. I'm very upset about the fact that I spend almost $1,000 on body and engine repairs (basically my entire tax return), plus a full tank of gas in the past MONTH and will NEVER recover it! I could really use that money right now... it irks me!!!

Have not heard about the blood alcohol level of the girl who hit me. I'm curious as to what her charges were. I really hope that she learns from this and never drives drunk again.

Anyway, I'm going to make some dinner, ice and watch a movie. Good night!

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