Thursday, April 23, 2009

Training Today

30 minutes with PT

Adrenal Health (4 caps): 2
Alfalfa (6 caps): 3
Cellfood (8 drops/3x): 8 drops
Priority Women's Complete (8 caps): 4
Water (8 glasses, 8 ounces each): 1.5 liters

8:50am: egg and cheese sandwich (Arnold's whole wheat nutty oatmeal, 1 fried egg in EVOO spray, Boar's Head jalapeno cheese, fresh spinach), organic coffee with cream/sugar
12:50pm: Campbell's butternut squash soup (whole box)
6:15pm: small organic gala apple
7:30pm: chicken quesadilla (lowfat sour cream, red onion, jalapeno, garlic, organic lettuce and basil)

Really tired after all my appointments today.

Got some organic apples from the store today and they are delicious!

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