Monday, May 25, 2009

Catch Up: The Past 3 Days

Saturday, May 23rd - Monday, May 25th

With good intentions I half way filled out my "daily post" for Saturday. The other two days... skipped it. Sometimes it's hard to make time for personal blogging!

Marcel made me breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. He's getting pretty handy in the kitchen (I think my cooking skills are starting to rub off)! On the menu: two eggs over easy, two slices of Arnold's whole grain nutty oat toast with EVOO and garlic powder, fresh spinach, slice of Boar's Head white American cheese. Delicious!

I was pretty tired from staying out late for Marcel's show, but I had fun hanging out with everyone. There was a pretty good turn out and his band rocked it!

Kristy made an appointment for me to get my hair styled and makeup done on Saturday... with photos! Here are my favorites...

(test shot)

Kristy took some more photos that I'll get soon. I have to say that photoshoots are super fun! I've always been the girl that loves to dress up, play with makeup and take crazy pictures. I really should have taken Teresa Tapp up on her offer to model in Miami when I was 18. Modeling would have been so much fun, especially knowing how to keep fit and limber with T-Tapp!

Sunday was pretty much a day of rest. Monday I went into the office for about half a day to catch up on some things before the media-packed week. Then cleaned the apartment when I got home (killed the vacuum cleaner -- again!), got groceries for the week, ate natural hot dogs for dinner (with sauerkraut, spicy mustard and fresh spinach) with Miller High Life beer in honor of Memorial Day and watched Netflix movies.

Off to sleep...

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