Monday, May 11, 2009

Life Happens

Friday, May 8th through Monday, May 11th I did not keep track of anything. Too busy with life... doing stuff for other people... appointments... driving... resting. Have not exercised at all.

Friday I worked late, then went home to relax.

I went to Caroline's Bridal Shower in Spring Hill. It was such a far drive, but worth it because she was totally surprised!

Sunday I called my Mom to chat. Then went to a friend's house to drop off their fixed computers I had been holding onto for a while.

Monday was full of appointments. I went to Dunedin twice in one day! Yikes. Will try NOT to do that again.

Up to holding neck resistance exercise for 20 seconds in each position, which takes up the entire 30 minutes of PT now! That was Monday's "workout".

Hanging in there...

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