Sunday, February 14, 2010

Last Night's Wii Party

Last night we had a Wii party. Some of Veronica's friends and their daughters came over to hang out. First the girls played Wii Bowling. And guess what... I got 8 strikes in a row!!! That's a high record for me.

Then the guys played Wii Bowling. Cayden, who is 5 years old, smeard the other guys by 35+ points. Amazing!!!

Unfortunately I skipped lunch because we never made it out of the house. Party due to waiting for the guys to get back from running an errand and party because of other plans falling through. We didn't want to eat and then have them come home only for us to leave to go out to eat, so we didn't eat at all. They were supposed to take maybe 2 hours, but ended up being gone for almost 6 hours. We did have plans to go to an arcade and meet some of their friends, but that never happened either.


Ate a few whole wheat crackers dipped in chocolate peanut butter. Sorry no photo.

And had some Snapea Crisps.


The guys brought home a white pizza. I ate 2 slices like this one:


Later I ate some of the tabbouleh.


Slice of Carvel Ice Cream Cake.

Au revoir!

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