Monday, October 11, 2004

My Measurements

Water: 6

Alfalfa: 3
Body Balance: 1 ounce

B-fast: bagel with cream cheese, large coffee
Lunch: salad with ranch, 2 slices of pizza
Snack: 1 piece of chocolate
Dinner: chicken and veggies

How I Feel
Head: headaches throughout the day
Jaw: popping/crunching, feels out of alignment
Neck: sore, popping, tight on both sides
Back: sore between shoulders and lower back

I am pretty much sore all over after this weekend. Well, I finally took my measurements.

Measurements from 09-20-04:

Right Arm: 10.25
Left Arm: 10
Bust: 35.5
Waist: 26.5
Abs: 34
Hips: 39
Right Upper: 22.75
Left Upper: 22.75
Right Lower: 15.5
Left Lower: 16
Right Calf: 13
Left Calf: 12.75

Today's Measurements:

Right Arm: 10.5
Left Arm: 10.25
Bust: 35.25
Waist: 25.75
Abs: 35.25
Hips: 39
Right Upper: 23
Left Upper: 22.5
Right Lower: 15.5
Left Lower: 15.75
Right Calf: 12.75
Left Calf: 12.625


Right Arm: 0.25
Left Arm: 0.25
Bust: 0.25
Waist: 0.75
Abs: 1.25 (this is a result of that TOM)
Hips: 0
Right Upper: 0.25
Left Upper: 0.25
Right Lower: 0
Left Lower: 0.25
Right Calf: 0.25
Left Calf: 0.125

The RED is a gain.
The BLUE is a loss.
A 0 means no loss or gain.

I will continue with EOD routine until I get where I want to be. I guess my eating habits, period and stress level could contribute to the fact that I haven't lost much. Nevertheless, I will not give up!!

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