Monday, January 8, 2007

My Model Bootcamp Plan

I'm inspired by the start of 2007, the Model Bootcamp Plan and the book Your Modeling Career by Debbie Press. I've been considering modeling for years. When I was 18 and fresh out of high school, Teresa was ready to send me off to Miami to get started. I decided to stay here and start my college career, which will be finished in May. I love the show America's Next Top Model and would love to be a contestant. They are currently taking applications, so I want to get in shape and submit mine before the end of February. I've been working on eating healthier (adding more organic foods to my diet) and working out more often, but haven't really stayed consistent. This year I'm not wasting any time. This plan will help me get into a routine of taking care of my body in more ways than one.

My January Workout Schedule

Here is my version of the Model Bootcamp Plan, I added supplements and additional skin care to the routine. I'm going to start this routine on Tuesday, January 9th.

DAYS 1 - 5

Do the following daily:

  • PBS & brush AM
  • PBS & brush PM
  • Blow Your Buns
  • Lower Body Lotion
  • Alfalfa - 6 capsules
  • B12 Plus - 6 sprays
  • Fibertox - 2 capsules
  • Multi Vitamin - 2 capsules
  • Nerve & Osteo - 1 capsule
  • Pyruvyl Glycine - 12 sprays
  • Water - 8 glasses
  • Sea Salt Bath (about 20 minutes, warm water)

After the 5th day take a Sea Salt Bath every other day until the 40th day (every odd numbered day of the plan I will take a Sea Salt Bath). Do the same schedule with BYB as with Sea Salt Baths.

DAYS 1 - 10

  • Full Workout with OIP, Crunches, AL, DD
  • 2 sets HD, TTN
I will do Tempo Intermediate for my bootcamp workout. I will do the 2 sets of HD and TTN either earlier in the day or around lunch.

DAYS 11 - 39

  • Full Workout with OIP, Crunches, AL, DD
I will do a full workout EOD (every other day) until the 40th day.

  • AM - BW, Crunches, AL, DD
  • PM - HD, TTN
I will do the AM and PM combinations on my off days.

DAYS 40 - 42
  • Blitz workouts
A blitz is defined as doing 2 full workouts a day for two days in a row and one final workout on the last day. On day 40 and 41 I will do a full workout 2 times in a day, once in the AM and once in the PM. I will finish my model blitz with one final workout.


  • Get down to a size 5
  • Get rid of cellulite/tone skin
  • To feel better overall

Wish me luck!!

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