Wednesday, February 27, 2008

NEW IFPA Study & Workout Game Plan

I've scheduled these items into my planner with reminder notifications to help me stay on track. I'll be posting on the blog to keep myself accountable.
  • Full Workout Days: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Off Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I plan on doing something on off days - probably PBS and the 3 challenge moves and/or BW or SATI.
  • IFPA Study Days: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. I plan on spending about 2-4 hours each day. I really want to get this done and GET CERTIFIED before summer. Since it's been so long I'll have to repurchase the study material and set a new goal date to test. Usually they give you about 2-3 months for completion, but since I already have my book I can start reading now. I plan on repurchasing in March.

Wish me luck!