Monday, July 7, 2008

Wake up call

Alfalfa (6 caps): 3
B12 Plus (6 sprays): yes
Cellfood (8 drops/3x): 1
Fibertox (1-3 caps): 1
Pyruvyl Glycine (12 sprays): 4
Water (8 glasses, 8 ounces each): yes

7:45am: Kashi GoLean Crunch cereal with organic soy and half banana
9:00am: Dunkin Donuts medium iced latte with milk/sugar
12:30pm: slice of tomato/green pepper pizza, 3 little stuffed mushroom caps, green pea salad, deviled egg, some rotisserie chicken
2:45pm: oatmeal chocolate chip cookie
4:30pm: handful of raw walnuts
5:45pm: a little rotisserie chicken
7:30pm: teriyaki pork, brown rice, green beans, sweet potatoes

I've skipped out on workouts since June 27th. Why?

I ask myself this, but don't really have a good enough answer. NO excuses, right? I have gone on a walk every day with the pup, but this doesn't equate to any inch loss or feelings of euphoria like post-T-Tapp workouts. My jeans are feeling tighter, which is NOT good since it's summer and I should be sunbathing at the pool each weekend and not worrying about how chubby my hips/butt look in a pair of shorts. It's time to be my own personal trainer and motivator. How else will I achieve results? I don't have anyone pushing me to sweat and burn off those extracurricular calories from the 4th of July weekend. Time to listen to my body because when I give it what it wants I feel so much better.

I'm full from dinner, it's late and don't think I'll make it tonight. Tomorrow is a new day!

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