Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Breast Health Awareness Month: Support from T-Tapp

October is Breast Health Awareness Month...
T-Tappers support the United Breast Cancer Foundation. Purchase our special T-Tapp MORE UBCF Package and $10 goes to help women and families dealing with breast health issues.

T-Tapp MORE Rehab Program: Breast Health Package

This special package includes a $10.00 donation to the United Breast Cancer Foundation, plus:

T-Tapp has created a new partnership with the United Breast Cancer Foundation headquartered in Huntington, NY. UBCF is a wonderful organization committed to helping those with breast cancer and their families. We are partnering with them to help promote breast health, improved recovery, and to give more women a tool for maintaining healthy breast tissue. This is a really wonderful organization and we're so happy we can work together as a team to educate and help women and their families.

Beth Heim, Director of Operations at UCBF, is also a long time T-Tapper and a mom with a "real" life just like so many of you. We'll keep you posted with future news on the wonderful things we can do together with UCBF.

We thank you for your donation!

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