Sunday, March 15, 2009

Got an X-ray

Saturday I called my Dad to talk about the accident. He was able to get Marcel and me an appointment with a chiropractor that afternoon and was nice enough to come to Tampa and drive us down to the Dunedin office.

The chiropractic office we went to is so much more than that. They have massage, therapy, ionic foot baths and more. It's called Back N' Balance. They have a very holistic approach to healing, which I love. The Dr. Patricia Snair was very nice and caring. She took x-rays of both of us and did ultrasound and cold laser therapy on our necks. My neck felt a little more relaxed for a bit afterward, but still painful. No adjustments just yet. We're calling them Monday morning to make a series of appointments to analyze the x-ray and get therapy. I also need to bring my old x-rays and scans next time for her to use as a point of reference. We were instructed not to wear the neck brace (unless absolutely necessary) since it could allow scar tissue to form and limit range of motion down the line. Also, ice the neck for 20 minutes, then off an hour and repeat. We purchased some Aleve Liquid Gel Caps (OTC Naproxen, which is what they prescribed for me in 2002) for the pain and inflammation. I'm also upping my Premium Blended Alfalfa to 12 a day for inflammation reduction.

We went to my Dad's house for dinner with the family. Ate delicious grilled chicken, zucchini and yellow squash with yellow rice. I can't seem to drink enough water!!! I'm trying to flush out my system and do anything I can to reduce the inflammation.

Today was rough. I had a migraine headache and dizziness most of the day (regardless of taking 2 Aleve this morning), super sore neck/back/shoulders. Couldn't do much movement. Just trying to take it easy and let my body rest. It feels better when I lay down.

So now... this really upsets me! I've been exercising consistently trying to shape up and get fit for the summer. This is such a set back. I won't be able to do much exercise for a while. Will need to follow the doctor's instructions and workout again when she thinks I should. (She was familiar with T-Tapp, so I will talk to her more about it soon.) I just don't want to go stir crazy. The only sunshine I saw this weekend was in the car to and from the chiropractor's office and a few quick pup-related trips outside. What's worse is this amazing beach day weather we're having.

Plus... this blog is going to turn into my recovery progress more than a beach-bunny progress report. I'm sure the blogosphere is going to get bored with my reoccurring posts about whiplash, pain and doctor visits. BUT hey, I have to document it somehow.


Keturah Y. said...

Casey! I'm so sorry to hear about this! I nearly lost my father in a bad car accident 13 years ago. I know how bad it can be.

Don't worry: no one will be bored about your progress reports. We T-Tappers care about you!! So keep us updated.

I'll be thinking of you and praying for you :-)

Casey Leigh said...

Thank you, Keturah. I really appreciate your support. ♥