Saturday, March 14, 2009

Here we go again...

Last night at about 9pm Marcel and I were driving over to hang out with Lauren and Jesse. We were going towards Clearwater on the Courtney Campbell Causeway (aka 60) from Tampa. Right in front of Whiskey Joe's on the East bound side of the road there was a HUGE accident with numerous cars in a pile up, ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, etc. That whole side of the Causeway was blocked off due to the accident letting no traffic through.

Usually around here when there's a wreck everyone has to stop in the middle of the road or go SLOW to check out what's going on (or just as a precaution). On my side of the road the cars were stopped like this. I was stopped. We were just about to start moving again and... SMASH! The loudest tire screeches you can imagine and my car was rearended.

{ click for close-up }

The girl was driving a Ford Mustang. She immediately got out of the car and then came to my window to ask if we were all right. We weren't. My entire body felt the impact, especially my neck. It was immediately stiff with the feeling of whiplash. (I know what this feels like from my accident in 2002 where I was also rearended.) Marcel also felt his neck right away. She hit us so hard that my entire radio popped out of the dashboard.

We were just talking about how people don't know how to drive in situations like this when we got hit.

The girl who hit us ended up getting arrested for a DUI. She was acting tipsy, throwing herself around, yelling on the phone and slurring her words.

After the wreckers came to tow away both cars the police officer was kind enough to give us a lift home (less than 2 miles away). She was great and handled the accident situation wonderfully.

This is the LAST thing I need right now. Car accidents scare me. Bad. I have a previous neck injury from 2002 and really hope that this doesn't bring all that pain and suffering back. I JUST dumped $1,000 into my car on body work and engine work... and a full tank of gas. The front end is beautiful. The frame is bent all the way up to the driver side tire... bumper is gone. Now I'm carless, in pain and will have to go through this whole process all over again. It literally turned my life upsidedown in 2002...

Not to mention this whole thing reminds of one of my best friends in the entire world that was killed by a drunk driver on July 4th, 2004 in Tampa.

Last night Marcel drove us to the Tampa General Hospital ER. We spent 4 hours waiting (got there at 11pm and stayed until 3am). He got an x-ray done... I never got called. The place was completely packed with people. I don't advise going to the ER on a Friday night unless you are about to die (otherwise you won't get seen by a doctor) and plan on sleeping in the waiting room. We were both so tired and just needed to come home.

This morning my neck and upper back are very painful. My range of motion is limited and any quick movements cause more pain.

We're going to have to go back the ER so I can get checked out. At this point I just want to crawl in a hole.

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