Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rainbows Everywhere

Seems like I've seen more rainbows in the past few months
than I have in years!
Now if I could only find that leprechaun and my pot of gold.

I did my morning routine of a quick Primary Back Stretch and body brushing.

7:50pm: Peace Cereal Banana Nut Rainforest Crisp with original Almond Breeze

9:20am: hot organic green tea with Ribose

Morning supplements:
Alfalfa: 3
Priority Women's Complete: 2
Ribose: 1 scoop

12:45pm: Kashi Sweet & Sour Chicken, munched on various fresh veggies

3:30pm: whole banana, raw almonds

Afternoon supplements:
Alfalfa: 3
Priority Women's Complete: 2

6:20pm: pretzel goldfish, slice of seriously sharp cheddar

7:25pm: pasta with green peas, Parmesan cheese and cream sauce

Water: 2 liters

Tonight I headed over to my friend Cherisse's place to review some of the stuff she and her fiance, David, have been working on. She just received a shipment of the latest hand-made bags from David in India. They are beautiful! Check out some of my favorites...

We spent most of the evening talking about the new products, design ideas and what David was doing to improve the quality of life for his fellow people. I love what their company, Rural Innovations, is doing to help the low-income communities in India. Cherisse is working on some new bag designs and said that I can design my very own bag for them to make too. How cool is that?! They want me to be their bag model too! David will return from India in about a week or so and we'll start working on more stuff then. How exciting! Here's a link to their webstore in case anyone is interested in purchasing some of these beautiful hand-made eco-friendly products.

I finished Eclipse!!! That book is so good. On to Breaking Dawn...

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