Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Once in a Lifetime: 09-09-09

It's September 9, 2009! A once in a lifetime date. Seems like we've all experienced a bunch of those since the millennium. If you think about it... every day is a once in a lifetime type of day. Enjoy them!

How we spend our days is, of course, how we live our lives.
- Annie Dillard

Check out this article on Why 09/09/09 Is So Special.

Started my day off right... Primary Back Stretch and body brushing. Didn't have time for oil pulling though.

8:10am: 2 boiled eggs with sea salt

Morning supplements:
Alfalfa: 3
B-12: 3 sprays
Cellfood: 8 drops
Pyruvyl Glycine: 4 sprays

It's not even 11am and I'm starving already. Wish I remembered a banana.

11:25am: coffee with whipped cream

What a treat!

1:10pm: leftover black beans and brown rice with chicken sausage, lowfat sour cream and spinach

Yikes... late lunch. I can't seem to get off the phone today.

7:00pm: 1/2 Boar's Head Lemon Pepper Chicken and Munster Cheese sandwich (on whole wheat with romaine, spicy mustard and garlic pepper), 4oz Bohemian Highway Merlot

I'm feeling completely wiped out... almost burnt out. My body is not happy today.

slice of whole wheat toast with all-natural peanut butter and local fall honey

I tackled the bathroom and now it's sparkling again. Off to ready more Breaking Dawn and go to bed.

Good night!

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