Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wait, its not Monday

It's Tuesday! It still feels like Monday, but its a 4 day work week. Even though 3 day weekends rock, they throw me off completely.

7:50am: Cascadian Farms Organic Maple Brown Sugar Granola with 2% organic milk

12:50pm: Campbell's Select Harvest New England Clam Chowder

5:40pm: raw almonds

6:30pm: Stacy's spicy pita chips

7:30pm: black beans and brown rice with spinach and Tbsp lowfat sour cream, Stacy's spicy pita chips, glass of Bohemian Highway Merlot

Note to Self: Need more fruits and veggies!
Does wine count?

Evening workout:
Basic Plus Tempo + 2 extra sets of Hoe Downs

I'm too tired to do anything more than 20 minutes. I body brushed too. At least my body feels better now.

Water: 1 liter

Off to read more Breaking Dawn and fall fast asleep...

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