Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baby, Its Cold Outside!

Finally we have some cooler weather in the Tampa area!!! It feels like Fall for once. I actually had to run back inside for a sweater to take the puppy out.

I'm warming up with some tea...

9:20am: BIJA Slimming Tea with Apricot Honey and Lemon

11:00am: Egg and Cheese (75% reduced fat sharp cheddar) on 12 grain English Muffin

11:30am: Ginger Green Tea with Pomegranate Honey and Lemon

I'm wearing jeans and boots with a short sleeved layered top. Love this weather!

3:05pm: Einstein's Veg Out sandwich on Sesame Bagel, 1/2 cup of Broccoli Cheddar soup, small Vanilla & Hazelnut coffee with milk/sugar (not pictured)

I headed over to Lauren's house and we drove all the way up to Spring Hill to visit Caroline. I think we spent more time in the car (about an hour each way) than actually hanging out at her place, but it was really good to see her.

4:30pm: Starbucks grande nonfat white chocolate mocha with whipped cream

Check out this sunset on the way home...

8:00pm-11:00pm: 3 Blue Moons (not pictured)

Marcel invited our neighbor, Mark, over to hang out tonight. We sat around and talked about stuff while enjoying our beers. Then Marcel got the idea that we should paint a collaborated canvas. So we did... on 15 minute turns each until the canvas was filled. It was fun! I think this might get me inspired again to finish my painting from earlier this year and start on some new ones too.

If you turn the painting to the side it becomes a completely new perspective.

11:50pm: 12 grain English muffin with organic peanut butter, sliced banana and Fall honey

I really was planning on making a real dinner tonight, but when our neighbor came over it threw me off. I don't like making food and eating it in front of guests without offering them some. Guess I just feel kind of awkward.

No workout, brushing or supplements today... such a slacker. There's always tomorrow.

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