Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cool Crisp Sunday

Sunday mornings... just beautiful. The weather is still chilly, so I'm opening up all the windows to air out my place. I love the fresh feeling of cool outside air coming inside!

10:15am: Earl Gray tea with Fall honey and original Almond Breeze

11:45am: 1/2 banana

11:55am: egg and 75% reduced fat cheddar cheese on 12 grain English muffin

Just got back from downtown Clearwater. We wanted to go to the Clearwater Jazz Festival, but brought Roxy with us and they don't let dogs into the park. Go figure. So we walked around downtown where they art and food vendors. Ended up picking up a pizza and salad before heading home.

3:10pm: free kettle corn

4:40pm: 2 slices of pizza, salad, light beer


7:40pm: hot tea with honey

7:50pm: more pizza

Guess what I made tonight...

9:25pm: banana nut coconut muffin with butter

No real workout today, just walking around. Will have to get back on schedule tomorrow!

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