Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Holiday Breakfast

This morning at the T-Tapp office everyone brought in a dish to share for our annual holiday breakfast and cookie exchange.

We really eat (and enjoy it) at this fitness company!

Amazing quiche!

Coffee cake...

More coffee cake...

Mini muffins...

Fruit salad...

Sausage balls...

My plate

Pre-breakfast cookie at home.

Starbucks Grande Nonfat Vanilla Latte

A cup of Starbucks Winter Blend with Whipped Cream.

Then we received this beautiful basket from T-Tapp Trainer Renee...

Thanks Renee! biggrin

Oh, and check out these super cute Hello Kitty cookies Scott made for Lauren...

Adorable! mrgreen

We also did a Secret Santa gift card exchange. Lauren got me this super cute Target card.

Buddy and Mitzi were dressed for the occasion...



Teresa was nice enough to let us get out of the office a few hours early. Everyone had things to finish up before Christmas morning, so it worked out really well.

I hit up the shops - last minute - for a few things for my boyfriend and puppy. It was crazy out there!

I was full from breakfast for most of the day, but decided to stop at Wendy's around 3:30pm. Bad idea!

Small Fry and Crispy Chicken Sandwich

My tummy was not happy after that "meal". Ugh. This was a $2.00 meal, but so not worth it. Note to self: skip the fast food and eat at home no matter what.

After shopping I was exhausted... came home to wrap everything and relax.

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