Monday, December 7, 2009

Recipe Review: Creamy Macaroni and Cheese

Dreamy and creamy bacon topped mac and cheese!

For some reason my boyfriend and I were on the same food wavelength today... we both wanted some comfort food for dinner tonight. I asked him what he wanted and he said: "homemade baked mac and cheese!" He looked up a recipe for me online and found this one: Creamy Macaroni and Cheese

I have to say that hands down this is one of the best mac and cheese recipes I have ever tried... and we made it from scratch!!! This recipe is so not good for you with the high fat content, but SO worth it if you're going to splurge for this kind of dish.

We actually had so much pasta that we needed two casserole dishes. (I need new kitchen wear.) The first one (above) we topped with crispy bacon and the second one (below) we topped with crushed saltine crackers. Both were out of this world and a combination of the two would be amazing!

Recipe Modifications:
I used whole wheat flour to thicken up the cheese sauce and whole wheat macaroni, which turned out to be giant sized.

Saltine cracker crust topping

My plate... balanced with a 3 cups of salad.

OMG, what an amazing meal!

Don't think we'll be getting store bought mac and cheese anymore. This recipe was that good. I wonder if we can freeze it...


Anonymous said...

Homemade mac n cheese is hands down so much better than the box!

Sadly, I made homemade mac n cheese from my niece and nephews, and they wondered why it wasn't orange! :(

Have you tried topping with Panko bread crumbs? It is really crunchy using those.

Great job!

Casey Leigh said...

No, I haven't ever used Panko bread crumbs, but have been seeing them everywhere on blogs and recipes.

Will try that next time.

This was actually my first time ever making mac and cheese from scratch. It's delicious!

Casey Leigh said...

Used panko! Love that stuff. Yum.

Anonymous said...

I make homemade mac and cheese with brown rice pasta and I use corn starch instead of flour. I am amazed at how much creamier the finished product is, and how much easier it is to clean up afterward!
Lisa :)

Casey said...

Its my favorite mac recipe so far!