Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Relaxing Evening at Home

Sorry for the delayed post! Once I got home, I was in relaxation mode. Skipped out on the exercise and blogging. Opted for snuggle time with my sweetie and puppy at home.

Food Log


Sun Chips -- yes, I know not the best choice. I was so hungry I thought I was going to pass out. Shared this small bag of chips with Marcel while we prepared dinner.


Wild Sockeye Salmon and Couscous Tabbouleh.

I ate 1/2 of this fish and was full.

Also had a glass of Cabernet.


Shared a Chobani Blueberry yogurt with Marcel.

Then had a few spoonfuls of Freshly Ground Almond Butter with a squirt of honey.



Alfalfa: 3 caps
Natural Calm Raspberry Lemon: 1 tsp
nutraMetrix® Glucosatrin Bone & Joint Formula: 1 cap
nutraMetrix® Isotonix Calcium Complete: 1 serving
nutraMetrix® Isotonix OPC-3: 1 serving

Total water intake: 2 liters

We watched some Netflix and relaxed the evening away...

Au revoir!

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