Tuesday, July 6, 2010

{ weekend } If I Can Dream

"HELLO July ’08" a.k.a. "Madame and Monsieur"
{ I ♥ art by kitty genius }

I apologize for the LONG delay in my posts, yet again. I spent my entire Friday and Saturday in bed. Literally. Not sure if I had food poisoning or a stomach virus, but I could hardly even walk upright due to all the pain. Ended up sleeping most of the holiday weekend and watching the entire season on If I Can Dream on Hulu.com. (What can I say, I get addicted to these shows and Hulu automatically plays the next episode. ♥) No fireworks, friends or BBQs for me over the 4th of July weekend. I did not go farther than the grocery store (less than 1 mile from my apartment). It's a sad time for me anyway... remembering a special friend that I lost on the 4th of July 6 years ago now. Although I never shared about my loss on this blog, those who know me understand how deeply this friend changed my life.

Weekend Highlights

I did manage to make some delicious red velvet cupcakes that used beet puree to give the coloring. Will be doing a special post for this later tonight.

I finally launched my newest blog project AdoringLife.com! This blog pulls together all of my passions in one place... art, photography, travel, design, fashion, going green... and more. All things I adore will be posted on this new blog, instead of me having to keep up with several different blogs. (Don't worry, you'll still find T-Tapp into Fitness right here. If I ever make any moves with this blog you'll be the first to know.)

Here's to new beginnings!
Au revoir!

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