Monday, August 9, 2010

Seeing Red Violet

Have I mentioned that my laptop is on it's way out?? It's like running Photoshop on a 32 gig flash drive!  In need of a serious technology upgrade.  This laptop is starting to hinder my blogging abilities (ah-hem... web habit)... and now you're experiencing a blog time warp...warp...warp...

Can you see the red violet?
Thursday, August 5th

After work I had a hair appointment with Kristy @ Shear Wonders Salon.  It was fun to catch up and try something a little different with my hair.  We added red violet to the mix for more dimension and it turned out great! Oh, and she tried a keratin treatment... my hair feels super soft.

For some reason I didn't take photos of any eats except for this sad slice of pizza I ate for dinner.  I know I made an organic blackberry and mixed greens smoothie with a little OJ for breakfast, so I at least got in some veggies.  Lunch escapes me at this point... maybe a salad???

It was a loooong day.  I got home around 10pm and ended up crashing shortly after.

Friday, August 6th
This tea matches my new hair.

Starbucks was calling to me for breakfast... and I caved.  It's on my direct route too.  Stopping for breakfast tends to make me late.  Another reason why I need to eat more from home.

Venti Iced Passion Tea (Unsweet)
Banana Loaf

I ventured out of the office for my lunch break.  Ran a few errands and picked up this salad from Jason's Deli.

Nutty Mixed-Up Salad
Marinated chicken breast, organic field greens, grapes, feta, walnuts, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, raisins and organic apples.

I ate about 1/2 of what you see there.  Very filling!  I ♥ Jason's Deli because they use real ingredients.  No HFCS in anything and you can find a lot of organic ingredients on the menu too.

Teresa gave me a bag of Tanka Bites before leaving the office.  I've never had buffalo before.  They're really good!  No preservatives or anything bad, and super tasty.

I snacked on about 4 bites. Yum!

Roxy was flipping out to get a nibble, but none-for-you!

I needed an easy dinner.  A class go-to dish is organic black beans and brown rice.  Simple, fast and tasty. I always add greens and a little cheddar cheese.

For dessert I blended 1/2 cup of coconut ice cream with frozen blackberries and organic milk.  This milk shake came out super creamy and rich!

I'm finding that my body can't handle cow's milk anymore.  It's like I built up a resistance to it over the past year or so since I switched to drinking Almond Milk.

This smoothie really needed almond milk, not cow's milk.  The ice cream was vegan!

Well that's the end for last week... on to the { weekend } post!

Au revoir!

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