Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog!

Shhh... I almost forgot to wish my blog "happy birthday"!  

♪♫ Happy Belated Birthday to You!

Dear Blog,

Your birthday shouldn't be difficult to remember since it's also is the birthday of my sweetheart, Marcel.  (Strangely enough the T-Tapp Into Fitness Blog was born 1 year before I met him and we started dating.)  At least you know that I spent the day celebrating!

Happy 6th Birthday, Blog!
Looking back I started this blog as a way to track how I felt from day to day.  At that time I was still recovering from my first whiplash injury and not feeling that great.  The blog has grown to be so much more than just a day to day record.  It keeps me motivated and accountable on my path to wellness.  And I'd like to think that others benefit from the health and food related information in my blog too.

So, cheers to you blog!  Here's to many more years of blogging together.

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Au revoir!

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