Tuesday, November 2, 2010

{ weekend } Halloween with Friends and Fire Dancers

Bonjour!  What a fantastic weekend!  I had so much fun with my friends and Marcel's family.  Just wish Monday didn't come so fast and we had another day of weekend left.  Time flies when you're having fun, right?

We started the holiday with a trip to Einstein Bagels for brekkie.  I tried the pumpkin bagel with light pumpkin cream cheese and a medium vanilla coffee with cream and sugar.  We didn't carve pumpkins this year.

As promised, I did Tempo 2 (lower body style) on Saturday before we left for St. Pete. (No other healthy habits completed... too much going on!) Veronica, Nikki and I went to CVS to pick up some more makeup for my costume.  Then back to the house to get started on my full face makeup!  Veronica is an amazing makeup artist.  She had never heard of Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos), but once I showed her a few pictures she quickly go the idea and totally rocked my makeup.  She made it pop and even added little jewels and everything!

Crazy, huh?  SO fun!!!

Marcel took me home and I left shortly after to head to Kristy's salon for to get my hair styled.  She did a simple braid to keep it off my face, added a few hologram pieces and sprayed me down with glitter.  A few friends met us at the salon and we carpooled to the Annual Hard Corr Halloween Party.

Here I am with the hostess... Snow White!

Party Drinks & Eats

At the party I enjoyed 2 light beers, 2 jello shots and a Jägerbomb (light on the Red Bull), a pulled pork sandwich, a Halloween cupcake, chips and candy... totally junked out, but hey it was Halloween! We split a taxi ride home. Safe and sound.

...I got home at 3am...

Sunday was Halloween this year.  We drove to St. Pete again to spend the afternoon with the gang.  Once I parked on the street in Old NE St. Pete, got out of the car and Marcel noticed a little black dachshund by my back tire.

I could have hit the poor little guy! He had no collar and was covered in something that smelled like crap, we caught him, gave him a quick bath and some food and water. He didn't make a peep, even being around 5 other dogs in the yard.

Anyone missing an all black wiener dog?  I want to call him Ween.

They took the lost dog to the dachshund rescue in St. Pete on Monday.  Marcel really wants him... and we may get the poor little guy to see how he does with Roxy in her own space.  Another dog was the last thing on our minds.

So back to Old NE neighborhood... they go ALL out!  Here are just a few pictures for you:

Please take a look at my Facebook page or AdoringLife.com for more photos.

We ate Tijuana Flats for dinner... chicken and black bean burrito on whole wheat power light minus black olives, chips with queso and guac. So good!  The kids were in bed and we all took a walk around the neighborhood, down to the water and back before heading home for the night.

Great times with awesome peeps!

Au revoir!

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