Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Party at the T-Tapp Office

Bonjour! Here I am over here to the right... all sleepy, but costumed up and channeling Cleopatra with my Pumpkin Kale green smoothie. Yum!  Today was a great day... dressing up just for fun, Halloween party at the office with delicious eats, it's Friday and fun is plentiful this weekend.

The spread of food for lunch was serious... we sorta went all out for this one. But I was the only one in "costume".  Cleopatra is a recycled toned down version of my costume from two years ago.

I being Cleo!

We planned to each bring a dish for the office party.  They made burgers and ribs next door and brought them over.

We ate fresh and grilled veggies with ranch and hummus dip, baked beans and deviled eggs.

Here's my mac n cheese... needed to be in the oven for another 20 to get real crispy, but it tasted awesome.

And for dessert... cupcake sized cheese cakes with cherries on top, Halloween cupcakes from Publix and rice crispy treats!

My plate: turkey burger (with cheese, mustard, lettuce, tomato), one rib, roasted veggies and a little mac.  I also ate a deviled egg and rice crispy treat.

 And then a cherry cheesecake and La Croix Lemon for dessert...

Here's Ava dressed up as a Ghost Buster!  Too freakin cute!

After work I recycled a whole car load full of paper, plastics, cardboard and aluminum.  Amazing how all of that stuff really stacks up after a week or two. 

We decided to go to Dominic's for Friday night pizza... it's becoming a weekly ritual.  I got a tall nonfat vanilla latte, Roxy barked her face off, we got a fresh pizza made, picked up the mail and headed home to relax and drink wine.  After this crazy busy week it was nice to have a chill night at home.  I'm listening to Marcel jamming out on the guitar right this life.

And I got into the cupcakes Lolly sent home with me... they're actually really good for store bought cuppy cakes!  I dare not look at the ingredients.

I'm super excited about getting all dolled up tomorrow!!! Day of the Dead makeup + cute outfit + styled hair + party and lots of photos with my friends = FUN!  Halloween rocks.

Au revoir!

P.S. I am SO doing a killer workout tomorrow!

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