Monday, February 4, 2008

Challenge Update

Friday I started a new exercise challenge, which includes doing the T-Tapp moves Organs in Place, Awesome Legs and Diva Derriere for 7 days in a row. I posted the challenge on the T-Tapp Forums and others have joined in as well. Today is day 4 for me.

I decided to measure my hips this morning... just to see if anything budged yet. To my surprise I've already burned off half an inch after just 3 days of these moves!! AMAZING, isn't it!?

Want to join me?

Follow our progress or join in on the T-Tapp Forums thread Organs, Awesome, Diva Challenge.

T-Tapp has these three moves available for free at It's important to do them in the following sequence:

1. Organs in Place

2. Awesome Legs

3. Diva Derriere

I only have a little more to go. Wish me luck!