Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 19: 60-Day Challenge

BW (10 reps) + BS + TTN + DD

Brush PM: yes
Nivea Good-bye Cellulite Gel-Cream:

Alfalfa (6 caps): 3
Cellfood (8 drops/3x): 1
Fibertox (1-3 caps): 1
Natural Calm (2 tsp): yes
Water (8 glasses, 8 ounces each): yes

whole wheat bagel with organic grape jam and lowfat cream cheese
9:05am: coffee with powder cream and sugar
9:15am: small taste of egg and bacon casserole, hash brown casserole and biscuit (thanks Jen)
10:15am: coffee with powder cream and sugar
5:45pm: raw sunflower seeds
8:10pm: ranch turkey burger salad

Day 1 of the "saddlebag challenge" on the T-Tapp Forums. Moves to target that area include:

- Plies
- Hoe Downs
- Balance Sequence
- Thread the Needle
- Pretzel Twist
- Diva Derriere

This challenge: Measure "saddlebag" area before, pick a few to add to your routine each day and reach success!

I'm sure there are more! You can always focus on activating that area by twisting out from hips, tucking butt more, activating lower lumbar and core, bending deeper with better KLT... oh, and don't forget to breathe.

If only you could see my face... the sweat is pouring and my cheeks are flushed. I feel great!

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