Thursday, April 10, 2008

Niva & Natural Glow Update

I've been using both of these products since March 10th pretty consistently. However, I know I missed a few days in the month (see all previous posts).

Natural Glow: Seems like this product works. I should have purchased the medium tone though. I like the moisturizing aspect and scent. I'm completely out of the body moisturizer, but the still have plenty of the face (probably since you don't need as much). I plan on purchasing the medium tone and doing another "test".

Nivea Good-bye Cellulite: Again, due to a little inconsistency I don't think these products worked as well as they could have. It may be important to apply the gel-cream twice a day instead of just in the morning. I've decided that I don't like the patches. They don't stick all over as well as I'd like them to and it's difficult to wear jeans with them. I'm not so sure about the supplements either. But I do like the gel-cream and will continue to use it as much as possible.

Check back soon for another update!

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