Friday, November 7, 2008

TappCore Article in Tampa Tribute

'TappCore' Exercises Tap Into Brain, Show Results


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Published: November 7, 2008

LAND O' LAKES - Teresa Tapp taps into a person's brain in her exercise workouts. Forget jumping, lifting weights and dieting.

"Each side of the brain controls the other side of the body," said the national fitness expert as she introduced her workout program, TappCore, to a group of clinical assistants recently at a Pasco County School Board meeting.

Tapp created TappCore for students and teachers. It requires only one set of eight repetitions, and students don't need to be athletically inclined as they learn how to activate their muscles.

Because the exercises stimulate left brain and right brain function, they are designed to improve mental focus, coordination and kinetic awareness.

The series of exercises requires only 3 square feet of space, so it can be done in a classroom, hallway, gym or outdoors.

Melanie Hagerty, a Pasco County school nurse, began the program in February.

"I started because we did a health screening and my cholesterol was really high, like 257," Hagerty said. "By doing 15 minutes a day, in three weeks I went down to 171, and I've lost over 30 pounds and 30 inches. It has absolutely changed my life."

TappCore is in several Florida schools, and Tapp's goal is to get a grant to expand into more schools.

"Teresa has a passion for teachers, and she developed TappCore for the kids," Hagerty said. "She is a loving, giving person and she just wants to make a difference in kids' lives and in people's lives."

Tapp has written a book, "Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes," which includes a DVD and sells on her Web site for $16.95. It features a workout she calls T-Tapp.

Tapp offers free demonstrations of several of her exercises on her Web site, including "The T-Tapp Secret for a Flat Stomach," "Awesome Legs Workout," "Diva Derriere The T-Tapp Way" and "Spot Reduction for a Trim Torso and Long, Lean Arms."

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