Monday, November 10, 2008

Self-directed 60-Day Challenge

Every year T-Tapp does at least one 60-Day Challenge (usually in the spring) with prizes for the winners to come to the Annual T-Tapp Retreat in Safety Harbor, Florida to workout with Teresa Tapp herself. Teresa is so generous and she realizes that doing the 60-Day Challenge with set dates in the spring doesn't work for everyone. So she's put together a special offer for all T-Tappers... a Self-directed 60-Day Challenge. All the same rules, requirements and prizes apply, but you do the challenge on your own 60 day schedule.

This is a fabulous way to get motivated and inspired to exercise, get fit and healthier and reach some of your goals while reducing stress and getting beautiful inside and out.

Check out some of the previous winners:

All entries from the Self-directed Challenge and regular 60-Day Challenge will be combined together for consideration by Teresa Tapp. So it's worth a shot to get started when you're ready. No need to wait for the spring challenge!

Want to participate?
Email the T-Tapp office at to request more information.

I might just join in myself! However, since I'm staff I can't "win" a trip to the Retreat, but I can cheer everyone else on.

Happy Tapping!

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