Friday, March 6, 2009

Junk in the Trunk

Yesterday Lauren asked me to measure her again (just did that a few days ago and she felt smaller). Sure enough after 1 Ladybug Workout she lost almost 3 inches total. That's pretty awesome!

So I measured this morning. Only getting in 3 full workouts last month and sporadically doing Hoe Downs or just walking does not get me the results I'm looking for. My jeans are tight and some don't even fit. I'm one of those girls that when I eat bad/don't exercise all the junk goes right to my trunk (hips and upper thighs).

When I was putting my measurements together I noticed that I measured last year on March 7th and today is March 6th, so I put together a comparison.

This scares me!

What was I doing last year that I'm not doing this year? About double the workouts. I was eating about the same, so movement must be it. Could also be related to hormonal changes now that I'm 2 years shy of 30.

Now for comparison to the last time that I measured.


If this isn't a wake up call I don't know what is. At least I have been consistently exercising this week. I've probably already lost some inches, but we'll never know since the last time I measured was for the start of my 60-day Challenge.

I will NOT allow my hips to get bigger than this... ever! Time to break out the Diva Derriere.

:: sigh ::

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