Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

I love this day because it brings awareness about things we can do to help the environment (and ourselves) be healthier and happier. Going green seems to be a trend these days, but really its more of a lifestyle change than anything.

I've been a recycling my entire life. I remember smashing cans and sorting recyclables growing up. I always thought it was fun. Now I still manage to collect bunches of recyclables (from home and the office) and drop them off at the local Safety Harbor location. They started taking all colors of glass again (except blue)!!!

What am I doing for Earth Day?
1. Collecting all the boxes from the office to drop off at the recycling center.
2. Wearing a pretty green dress. Hey... gotta go green, right.
3. Using my Earth Day reusable organic tote bag.
4. Brought my lunch to work.
5. Going to the Trashy Fashion show tonight!

The Trashy Fashion Show was so much fun last year! Students from elementary school to college created fashions from 80%+ recycled material. It was amazing what they came up with! The most impressive fashions were a Coke bottle suit (so cool and shiny) with briefcase and a woven plastic bag halter top (looked so good I would wear it out; she won by the way). I also loved the candy wrapper fairy ensamble. Can't wait to see what they come up with tonight!!!

More fun Earthy stuff:
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Be Green!

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