Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kick Your Soda Habit

This morning I was browsing around the T-Tapp Forum and saw a new post on the PG Success Story thread. PG is an abbreviation we use for the T-Tapp product Pyruvyl Glycine. It's a fantastic product used for fat burning, increasing energy and endurance, plus carb control.

I love that this woman shared her success with the T-Tapp world, so I had to share it with anyone coming across my little blog.

Hi all,

I've been using the PG sublingual and at the risk of tempting fate, have escaped the Diet Coke trap. Whew! Taking PG and drinking Diet Coke made me feel jittery! How cool is that! So, now I don't need the Diet Coke anymore.

With much gratitude,


Isn't that fabulous!
I knew PG helps people to quit smoking and curb cravings, but to kick a soda habit... wow! It took me a little while to stop drinking soda. Every now and then I may have a Mt. Dew in a can, but it's a rare event in my world.

For those still needing a little help to quit diet soda or other diet products check out the newsletter archive "Just for the Taste of it... Think Twice" by Teresa Tapp. This is such a powerful article that after reading it I never touched another product with fake sugar.

I recently read about how to make your own "healthy" soda at home. Use mineral water mixed with your favorite juice. Sounds good to me.


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