Thursday, July 23, 2009

Craving: Beach Cruiser Bike

Growing up I always loved riding my bike around the neighborhood, which was filled with hills, twists, turns and secret places. Last year at my family reunion in Boston we rented beach cruiser bikes and rode about 15 miles on the trails of Cape Cod. It was so much fun AND great exercise!

Since then I've been craving riding bikes again. There are a few rental shops around town, but I'd really love to own a bike again. Near my place there are bike trails along the water and it's a beautiful place to get fit!

I searched through Craig's List in hopes of finding a cheap cruiser locally. There are a few that interest me, but many of them are almost the same price as a new bike!

Here are some bikes and accessories that I'm swooning over...

With these prices I better keep dreaming... and saving!

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Anonymous said...

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