Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lost in the Twilight Zone

Hey, guess what I did this weekend. Got lost in the Twilight Zone called Eclipse! I only have a few chapters to go.

Saturday, August 22nd
My entire day was spent reading for the most part. I woke up at a decent hour, but it was yucky weather outside so the beach idea was out. We were going to head to the movies, but ended up watching some on Netflix and more of Twin Peaks too. I took the day off from exercise and opted to lounge on the couch instead.

I really didn't keep up with my supplements (except Alfalfa and Ribose) or keep good track of my eating, although it wasn't that bad. Peace cereal and Almond Breeze for breakfast, 1/2 banana a little later, leftover Bahama Breeze for lunch, multigrain flax crackers and almond butter as a snack, and finally a salad with boiled egg for dinner. No alcohol today.

Sunday, August 23rd
Repeat of Saturday. Marcel had band practice, so me and Roxy lounged on the couch while I read Eclipse and napped. Same breakfast, salad with leftover chicken quesadillas for lunch, and 1 turkey taco for dinner with 1/2 banana for dessert. I drank about 3 light beers and we played Wii Resort Sports. No real exercise or body brushing or supplements. I just could not motivate myself.

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