Friday, August 28, 2009

Push to the Max

I ran short on time this morning due to some strange dreams I can't remember now. Skipped my morning routine again.

8:10am: Peace Cereal Banana Nut Rainforest Crisp

10:00am: coffee with whole milk/sugar

Morning supplements:
Alfalfa: 3
Priority Women's Complete: 2
Ribose: 1 scoop

12:50pm: salad with 1 boiled egg, seriously sharp white cheddar, mixed organic lettuce, sweet salad peppers, cucumber, carrot

Afternoon supplements:
Alfalfa: 3
Priority Women's Complete: 2

I keep leaving my PG and B-12 at home.

4:00pm: coffee with whole milk/sugar

As if I really needed another cup... just an excuse to get warm in this ice box.

After work I headed to the recycling center and dropped off a car full. It's a Friday thing. Then made a quick stop at Lolly's house for Breaking Dawn. Can't wait to read it! Almost got sideswiped by some insane driver not looking before changing lanes. Unfortunately, my toe paid the price when I slammed on my breaks. It's bleeding, but I'll be okay. At least I avoided another accident.

6:30pm: snacked on Cascadian Farm's Maple Brown Sugar Granola

Decided I'd better workout. Even though I just felt like lounging around my body really hurt... which means I needed to move it. I honestly had trouble trying to decide which T-Tapp workout to do, so I mixed up the DVDs face down, closed my eyes and picked one. It just happened to be Maxi Max #3!!!

I have not done this DVD since it came out over 7 years ago... before the blog even existed. I made it through Hoe Downs, which are after 10 reps of Lunges, Balance Sequence, Thread the Needle, all the stretches in between, plus Gymnastic Stretch. I think it was about 30-40 minutes in. This DVD title does not lie... Maxi Max #3 is Cardio-Kinetic. It should say SUPER Cardio-Kinetic. In my opinion, this is one of the most advanced T-Tapp workouts yet. The pace is faster than Tempo Series workouts and there's little to no set-up time or talking during or in between movements. I really pushed myself to the max (minus Pyruvyl Glycine)... and felt it.

Now I'm cooled down... it's time to get ready, eat and meet up with Lolly and Shannon. Shannon and Sean are heading back to New Mexico in the morning.

9:30pm: 1/4 Subway turkey sandwich on honey oat (American cheese, turkey, lite mayo, extra lettuce, salt, pepper), some cheddar Sunchips, sweet tea

10:00pm: Blue Moon

11:30pm: Miller High Life, popcorn

We've almost finished watching Twin Peaks... only 1 more DVD left in the series.


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