Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rainbow Vibrance = Yum!

Hoe Downs (after dinner)


Adrenplus 300 (2 caps): yes
Alfalfa (6 caps): 4
Cellfood (8 drops/3x): 8 drops
Water (8 glasses, 8 ounces each): 2 liters


8:15am: smoothie (frozen banana, fresh blueberries, Rainbow Vibrance packet, Oikos organic vanilla fat free yogurt, original Almond Breeze, ice)

8:40am: 2 boiled eggs
11:00am: slice of lite swiss cheese
12:20pm: MorningStar spicy black bean burger, Caesar salad (no croutons)
3:30pm: organic gala apple, raw almonds
6:20pm: organic blue tortilla nachos (topped with seriously sharp cheddar only)
8:30pm: Fiber Gourmet Light Fettuccine Lemon Pepper Flavor with steamed broccoli and Parmesan cheese


Breakfast was so yummy today! My mom brought home the Rainbow Vibrance and I really like it. Will have to pick up some more. It has a pretty high ORAC value of 3,974. per serving Good substitute while I'm out of Jus.

Didn't get in a mini-workout today. Instead I read more of Eclipse... it's getting good!

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