Monday, August 17, 2009

Uh Oh, Starbucks!

Being bad this morning...

30 minutes with personal trainer
  • stretches and leg extensions on the ball

Adrenplus 300 (2 caps): yes
Alfalfa (6 caps): yes
Fibertox (1-3 caps): 2
Water (8 glasses, 8 ounces each): 1 liter


8:50am: Starbucks grande nonfat vanilla latte, perfect oatmeal (brown sugar, roasted nuts, dried fruit)

12:50pm: leftover Greek salad, 2 slices of bread with tatziki sauce
6:45pm: multigrain flax crackers
7:45pm: rotisserie chicken quesadilla (Ezekiel wrap, chicken, seriously sharp white cheddar) topped with lowfat sour cream, garlic and romaine


I am so tired from this weekend! It's time to get back on my regular schedule. My dark circles are back and I really need some beauty sleep. This morning I was really craving a latte, so I broke down and had one. I've gone almost an entire month without caffeine! That's amazing to me.

Abbie left on a plane to California this morning. My mom is staying over tonight and she leaves to go back to DC on Friday, but is staying with her friend. It was so great to have them both here at the same time. I miss them both so much during the year!

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