Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching Up: Oct. 8th-11th

I've felt so behind since the Retreat with blogging and my internet life in general. It's hard to miss a week and play catch up!

I haven't done a workout since the end of the Trainer Certs. Gotta get back on track this week!

So here goes nothing...

Thursday, October 8th

9:00am: Starbucks grande nonfat vanilla latte, perfect oatmeal with all the fixings

11:40am: small organic gala apple

12:40pm: Ban Thai panang chicken, spring roll

8:00pm: Pumpkin Spice Beer x2

8:30pm: Turkey and Veggie stuffed pepper, garlic bread

9:50pm: piece of Dark Chocolate & Mint

10:40pm: English Muffin with peanut butter and honey, 1/2 glass of almond breeze

Friday, October 9th

9:00am: egg and cheese with avocado and spinach

Morning Supplements:
Alfalfa: 3 caps
B-12: 4 sprays
Cellfood: 4 drops
Fibertox: 1 cap
Priority Women's Complete Multi: 2 caps
Wobenzym: 3 caps

12:30pm: Salmon and chickpea salad with bagel chips

2:20pm: 1/2 avocado

Afternoon Supplements:
Alfalfa: 3 caps
B-12: 4 sprays
Priority Women's Complete Multi: 2 caps

4:00pm: green apple

6:30pm: blueberry sparkling essence

6:40pm: stuffed pepper (same as yesterday, but with brown rice), 2 slices of bread with butter

Marcel had a show in Lakeland tonight, so I tagged along. It was a fun night!

9:30pm-12:00am: 4 Bud Select beers in tiny mugs (equivalent to about 2.5 beers)

1:30am: 1/2 bag of Cheese-Its (gave me heartburn, ugh)

Saturday, October 10th

I slept in... late!

1:10pm: Egg and Cheese English Muffin

2:00pm: Spinach Green Monster

  • fresh spinach
  • vanilla Almond Breeze
  • crushed organic flax
  • whole banana
  • ice

4:30pm: 2 slices of spinach pesto pizza with Parmesan cheese.

I picked up Lauren and we headed to Tarpon Springs for dinner at Hella's restaurant.

7:15pm: hummus and pita, Greek salad, Bud Light draft

Then we went to our friend's show at Neptune's Lounge.

9:00pm-11:00pm: 2 more Bud Light at the show

11:45pm: Late night snack... 1/2 chocolate covered baklava and 1/2 Bud Light Wheat

Tastes kind of like Blue Moon, but not as good.

Sunday, October 11th

I slept in today until 10:30am. Love the weekends!

12:00pm: Kale Green Monster

  • fresh kale
  • vanilla Almond Breeze
  • crushed organic flax
  • whole banana
  • ice

After breakfast and blogging the Retreat Recap: Day 2, I took puppy for a walk. It's such a beautiful day! But hot and muggy. By the time we got to the boat dock Roxy wanted to go home.

2:40pm: leftover stuffed pepper stuffing (brown rice, chickpeas, spinach, organic tomatoes, onion, ground turkey, seriously sharp cheddar), bread with olive oil and spices

My camera battery died and I left the charger at the office. :(

Guess I'll get off the computer and start cleaning up the apartment.

6:00pm: black beans and brown rice with seriously sharp cheddar, lowfat sour cream, red onion and cilantro

I also drank 2 of the Bud Light Wheat beers and ate some popcorn while watching a Netflix movie before bed.

Whew! That was intense. Gotta maintain my blogging from now on.

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