Monday, October 12, 2009

Trainer Certs Recap: Day 2 & 3

Trainer Certs Recap, October 6th: Day 2

I stayed the night at the Spa and woke up early for the morning workout with Teresa. I did everything in the standing portion and skipped the floor work. I really need a mat and yoga wedge for the floor work, which I didn't have with me.

7:00am: baby gala apple, 1/2 ProBar

10:15am: breakfast burrito (eggs, veggies and cheese in a tomato wrap) with salsa and 1/2 avocado

This was SO yummy!

I caught a little segment of Teresa Tapp on Daytime TV during breakfast doing some foot fitness exercises. How cool is that?!

Charlotte Siems did her Total Workout certification this year and did a fantastic job!

Her family sent over some motivation for her...

Charlotte doing Thread the Needle.

After her certification with Teresa Tapp.
Yay Charlotte!

2:20pm: 1/2 free-range burger, bruschetta with pita, sweet potato fries

After lunch Dr. Carlson was doing another presentation for the Trainers, so instead of repeating that session we went to the Spa for an hour. In all the years that we've done Retreats at the Safety Harbor Spa I have never actually gotten a chance to enjoy the Spa! This was my first time ever. We went from the wet sauna to the cool pool and repeated a few times, then went back to our rooms to shower and get dressed for the evening.

8:00pm: potato crusted grouper with mashed sweet potatoes and green beans, salad with ranch

I went home that night to spend time with my honey and puppy. However, I really just ended up crashing on the couch and waking up earlier to get back to the Spa.

Trainer Certs Recap, October 7th: Day 3

It's the last day of our big week!

6:45am: Green Monster to go

Sadly my week at the Spa has come to an end. We had a breakfast buffet for the Trainers, which ended up being Miss America themed.

Yes, that's a real pageant crown!

9:40am: eggs, fresh fruit, 1 pancake with syrup, new potatoes with ketchup, cheese pastry, Starbucks grande nonfat vanilla latte (not pictured)

After breakfast we did a little photo shoot for all the newly certified Trainers.

Congratulations to all of our new Trainers!!!

From left to right: Isabell, Charlotte, Teresa Tapp, Jennifer K., Heather M.

Then we packed up the rest of our boxes of stuff, checked out of our rooms and met in the Spa restaurant for a T-Tapp staff lunch and Retreat review meeting.

2:40pm: angel hair pasta with shrimp and mussels, 2 slices of bread and butter, glass of pinot noir (not pictured)

x 2

3:10pm: hibiscus and champagne cocktail

That's a hibiscus flower on top. Divine!

Since we were finished with everything we all got to take the rest of the day off and headed home. Marcel found a way to get in free to movie premiers, so we went to Veterans 24 theater to see the new movie called Paranormal Activity. It was so freaky!!!

I didn't eat beforehand, which was a big mistake because I ended up eating this for dinner...

7:30pm: popcorn and orange soda

My tummy hurt afterward, so I drank lots of water and took some Alfalfa when we got home and then passed out.

Overall it was such a great week! I had so much fun at the Retreat and it was wonderful to catch up with everyone. Can't wait for next year's big event!

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