Friday, October 9, 2009

Post-Retreat Results

My results are not impressive compared to the inch loss of many attendees this past week. But I don't have much to lose, so 0.75 inch cumulative lost is pretty darn good.

Results Analysis
  • Bust: This 0.5 inch lost is back fat from all that lat activation during the Retreat workouts.
  • Below Bust AKA Ribs: I think I probably kept my ribs lifted all week!
  • Abdomen: I'm scrapping this 0.5 inch gained to that TOM.
  • Hips: Lauren says this is my "fat shift" uplifting due to the loss in my upper thighs. I'm waiting for it all burns off.
  • Upper Thighs: Hooray!!! I'm a little bit closer to my goal.
  • Lower Left Thigh: Hmm... not balanced anymore, but that's ok.

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