Thursday, December 17, 2009

Food Log: Sunday-Thursday

I seriously slacked on my posts since Sunday. Here's a recap...

Sunday, December 13th

Kiki in the Scattergories box!

Monday, December 14th - the day of Accident #3

Me and Roxy crashed on the couch.

Tuesday, December 15th - day of rest, phone calls and appointments

Wednesday, December 16th - day of my 1st adjustment

8:30am: Coffee with organic cream/sugar

10:00am: Green Monster (2 cups spinach, frozen banana, 3/4 cup original Almond Breeze, 1 Tbsp organic flax, 1 Tbsp PB)

1:30pm: Einstein's Veg Out sandwich on Everything Bagel

7:00pm: Chinese delivery -- I had steamed chicken with mixed veggies, a little white rice, two bites of General Tso's chicken and a fortune cookie.

Thursday, December 17th - the day of NO photos. I'm just not feeling up to it.

9:00am: coffee with Silk French Vanilla creamer

9:30am: 2 scrambled eggs with fresh spinach and dry Ezekiel toast

I picked up my rental car today... a cute little black Jetta. It's so smooth...

12:30pm: ate 2 small chocolate covered cookies

1:15pm: Crispers Bistro Veggie sandwich, a few bites of a side salad with a little ranch dressing

6:45pm: leftover Bahama Breeze and salad

9:00pm: 2 Tbsp PB and dry Oatmeal Squares

It's good to be home and to rest. I'm couching it for the night...

P.S. Minus the slideshows this blog would've been a mile long.

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