Thursday, December 17, 2009

Car Accident #3

Sunday I didn't get to my post... we spent the afternoon recovering from our late night out on the town. Then headed over to Matty and Val's house for a party that evening. By the time we got home I was exhausted and didn't want to hop on the computer.

Monday I was going to do Sunday's post, but then at lunch I left the office to run a few errands and pick up my food. On the way back to the office this really elderly woman pulled out right in front of me. I slammed on my breaks, but didn't have enough time or space to stop before I slammed right into the driver side of her car.

Luckily there was a man on the sidewalk who witnessed the whole incident. He stayed around to give a statement to the police. The woman was ticketed for failure to yield. She had no idea what happened... said I wasn't there (then why are the police on the scene of our accident?) and then that I was speeding (so why pull out?). She is almost 90 years old, can't see (obviously) and in my opinion should not be on the road.

I have whiplash all over again and am in a lot of pain. I had Marcel pick me up after the accident and went home to sleep. Tuesday morning I got an appointment at Dr. Pierce's clinic for an exam and x-rays. They are hopeful that their treatment can help me, but I will have to go 3 times a week for a few weeks.

Wednesday I went back to Dr. Pierce's clinic. The doctor reviewed my x-rays with me, took a few more x-rays (they do special ones), then I got my adjustment with the sound wave (sounds and feels like nothing), and finally more post-adjustment x-rays. They do that to verify that the adjustment worked to correct the misalignment. After that appointment Marcel drove me home and I didn't do anything but sleep and rest for the whole day. The adjustment really affected my entire body even though it was only a sound wave. When your atlas is adjusted everything else will fall into place, which is what I'm feeling. Wearing a neck brace so that I don't turn my head or make any quick movements. Overall I feel like crap.

My dad came over with some new paperwork for the attorney. We ordered in Chinese food and filled out the paperwork.

This morning I was able to pick up a rental car. Got a new cute little black Jetta! I love it. Very smooth ride, but I wish it was neon yellow instead of black.

So here I go again... on another new venture for health and wellness. To think that I was almost there from my last accident in March. My poor body and car!!!

Also, I dropped out of T'appy Holidays. I can't workout right now and body brushing is difficult to manage. The only thing I can focus on is eating a healthy breakfast, taking my supplements, drinking water and eating lots of veggies.

Back at work for most of the day... wish me luck.

P.S. The elderly woman was fine and was able to get a ride home from the tow truck driver.


clairerose77 said...

Good Luck!!You poor thing:-( cc

Editor said...

By the way, it would be good to include in your post that the 90 year old lady is OK and was able to go home. :)

Casey Leigh said...

Yes, that too.