Sunday, December 20, 2009

Meet Florida's Winter

Time to pull out the boots and sweaters! smile Monday is officially the first day of winter.

Friday was stormy and on the way to cold, but this Saturday morning...

Weather for Tampa, FL

Current: Cloudy
Wind: N at 8 mph
Humidity: 82%
Partly Cloudy
64°F | 49°F
Partly Cloudy
60°F | 42°F
Partly Cloudy
61°F | 42°F
65°F | 50°F

Not that cold, huh? It is for Florida natives, like me. Notice the humidity is still ridiculously high (and ruining my hair evil).

This is winter in Florida... I'm still surprised that next week is Christmas. eek

Today's post is a bit disjointed. I'm going to cover Friday and Saturday. Finding it hard to blog daily with this new injury and lack of energy. Sorry readers! redface

Friday, December 18th

I can tell you that I ate an egg and cheese for brekkie on 12 grain English muffin.

This morning I had an appointment at the Pierce Clinic. Doing a little better physically, but still feeling sore. Go back again on Monday and Wednesday morning. I'm trying hard NOT to cross my legs, look a certain way for too long, move quickly, carry or lift heavy things, etc. NOT crossing my legs has to be one of the hardest! Seems like my body just naturally wants to sit that way -- path of least resistance.

On the way to work I stopped for a hot Starbucks grande nonfat vanilla latte.

For lunch I had Pacific Creamy Tomato soup and crackers. I ate about 5 cookies that afternoon -- yes, really. That's what I get for not bringing healthy snacks with me to the office.

For dinner I ate leftover General Tso's chicken, broccoli and rice. Also drank a glass of Bohemian Highway Merlot and had 2 pieces of dark Dove chocolate. PLUS about a gallon of water for the day.

I'm taking some new supplements recommended by my doctor.

nutraMetrix® Isotonix® Calcium Complete (actually tastes good!)

nutraMetrix® Glucosatrin® Bone & Joint Formula

Have been keeping up with my Premium Blended Alfalfa, Jus and Emergen-C too.

Saturday, December 19th

For brekkie I ate 2 scrambled eggs and fresh tomato on a slice of dry Ezekiel toast wrapped in romaine lettuce.

For lunch we stopped by Pita Republic and I got the Chicken Feta Supreme (grilled chicken, feta cheese, tabbouleh, lettuce, taziki sauce) with side Greek salad and potato salad (only ate a few bites).

Ate 1/2 of the pita. It was HUGE!

For dessert I had a piece of baklava. (I prefer Hella's to Pita's. Much fresher and mouthwatering from Hella's Bakery.)

Dinner was a bit more interesting. biggrin (Even though I was still stuffed from lunch and dessert.) I picked up Lauren and we headed down to Dunedin to meet our girls for our annual holiday dinner party.

We saw Santa on the Dunedin firetruck.
Yes, they like to go slow and block traffic.

We decided on Bellini's Italian restaurant. It was my first time eating there. The atmosphere is fantastic. They did a really great job making the style of the restaurant old world Italian with a modern twist.

From left to right: Me, Jessica, Caroline (+ baby Logan), Lauren, Kristy, Vally

For our appetizers we shared freshly baked bread with olive oil and herbs, Parmigiana di Melenzane (Fresh Thinly Sliced Eggplant Fried & Layered w/ Smoked Provola Cheese & Tomato Sauce) that was to die for and Bruschetta (Toasted Tuscan Bread Topped w/ Garlic, Fresh Cherry Tomatoes & Basil).

I ordered a glass of Francis Coppola Pinot Noir 2006 (delish!), the house salad (mixed greens with cherry tomatoes, balsamic and olive oil for dressing) and the Pollo Piccata (Chicken Breast Sautéed w/ Capers & White Wine In A Lemon Butter Sauce).

The chicken was done perfectly, but they paired it with strips of mixed bell peppers and onions with some type of roasted potatoes. I didn't eat the sides, just the fantastic chicken. It would've been much better with garlic mashed potatoes (or sweet potatoes or some type of pasta) and green beans or broccoli.

Should have taken pictures of everything. Would go back to this restaurant to celebrate something special in the future. Delish meal!

After dinner La and I left for a rock show in Tarpon at the Neptune Lounge.

I had to get some caffeine in me after that decadent dinner and wine to keep going for the rest of the evening. We stopped at Starbucks and I ordered a tall nonfat vanilla latte.

We made it just in time to see SHADOWSELF (my boyfriend's band) and Meet Me Over Board (another band we're friends with) play.


My honey singing his ♥ out.

Meet Me Over Board -- all decked out for Christmas!

I took a lot of photos for the band and we had fun hanging out with everyone. By the end of the show I was beat even though I sat down for most of the night and skipped the dancing, jumping and head banging that's custom at rock shows. ::sigh::

Sunday, December 20th

This morning I took my Emergen-C before my coffee with Silk French Vanilla creamer.

Took this shot with the Canon Rebel.
So much nicer than my Sony Cybershot! Don't you think?

Then made fresh bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. Mine's on a 12 Grain English muffin.

SO much better than store bought.

This afternoon we saw Avatar 3D on IMAX. VERY cool movie. I absolutely loved it! razz

During the movie I drank 1/2 Vitamin Water Revive and snacked on pizza Combos and Sour Patch Kids. Not the best "lunch" ever. rolleyes

I attempted to make beef stroganoff from scratch tonight for the first time in my life. For some reason the sauce wouldn't thicken, but it tasted fabulous. I had a salad too.

Well, I really need to get in bed and rest up for this week. Good night.

Au revoir!

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