Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This morning I did not want to get out of bed, so I slept for another hour (7-8am). Then made some fresh coffee, got ready and started the morning commute. It's so gray and foggy out these days. Wishing the skies would clear up and the sun would shine brilliantly.

I have my appointments today... and really need them. My body is a painful mess. Scheduled my massage first... and will get ultra sound on my jaw and an adjustment after. The chiropractor is going to try a different way of adjusting my neck since it's so been painful for me these past few times. If that doesn't work, then I'm going to start seeing Dr. Pierce at the Advanced Orthogonal Chiropractic in St. Pete. Ultimately, I will end up there anyway. Just a matter of time... and money. Everyone in my office goes there and loves it. Not sure if they would accept a letter of protection for my treatment or not. After today's appointment I'll find out.

Still do not have enough energy to do anything and wanted to take it easy after my adjustment. She did try something new -- to adjust the atlas by holding these two things on either side of it. My neck wasn't painful, but I'm not sure how much good it really did either.

Today's Workout:

Primary Back Stretch and Body Brushing

Today's Food Log:

I have little appetite today (and yesterday now that I'm thinking about it). Wonder what that means? I almost have to force myself to eat.

Today's Supplements:

Alfalfa: 6 caps
Emergen-C: 1 packet
Jus: 1 ounce
Priority Women's Complete Multi: 3 caps
Wobenzym: 18 tablets

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