Thursday, January 14, 2010

French Facination

I am gushing over the
Hungry Yogini's blog right now. She's studying in Paris and her photos are absolutely amazing.

I've been fascinated with all things French
for a few years now. It all started with my puppy Roxy, who is a Papillon (means "butterfly" in French). Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV had Papillons! My grandmother was also from French decedent. I got into watching French films and love them because of the artsy feel and sound of the language. The architecture and culture are intriguing.

One of my life dreams is to vacation in France, see the lavender fields in the countryside and spend time soaking up Paris. A goals for this year is to learn French. Rosetta Stone here I come!

So I'm sort of living vicariously through the Hungry Yogini right now! Check out her blog,, it's awesome.

Au revoir!

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