Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye Vacation

My vacation has come to an end. Today is my last day to soak it up. I did plan on going to the farmer's market this afternoon, but decided I just want to do a whole lot of nothing.

Slept in again until about 10:30am, took the puppy out (still cold outside!), made some fresh hot coffee to warm up and surfed the internet.

About 2 hours later I was hungry. Made a delicious brekkie...

2 Scrambled Eggs with Cheddar Cheese, 2 slices of burnt Organic Bacon, 1 slice of Asiago Toast with Butter and Fresh Spinach... with a side of December's SELF magazine.

My apartment is still freezing... getting maintenance out tomorrow. I warmed up with 2 cups of hot tea and the last 2 cookies.

For lunch I reheated some of my Baked Potato Soup. I think it gets better with time! Soaks up more flavor and makes the taste dynamic.

I've been on a tabbouleh kick recently! Can't you tell?

Dinner was a bowl of fresh, organic tabbouleh.

And after that dish I was still hungry. Shared some sharp cheddar cheese and crackers.

I ate way too many crackers!

Finished LOST Season 5... on to Heroes Season 4...

Au revoir!

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